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Testimonial from Dr Debjani Chatterjee MBE, FRSL

“I feel I’ve got to know you better, thanks to your inspiring & beautifully written story.”

The New Woman


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Why should I read The New Woman?

It is a collection of powerful stories written by 33 women from 5 continents sharing their life stories of intense suffering which they have used to transform their lives. Their life experiences are the golden threads (the Kintsugi) that they have used to weave the dynamic, colourful and inspirational tapestry called Life.

Will it make me sad?

Yes, the beautiful writing will transport you to the author’s life, and you will sense the pain they have experienced…but you will also feel the exhilaration because as the great poet Rumi said ‘Know that one day your pain will become your cure’…

Who should read this book?

Everyone! At the book launch, a lovely man bought a copy as a birthday gift for his 13yr old daughter.

Diksha’s Chapter – No 25

Growing up in Uganda in a violent and dysfunctional family, not fitting in; being the peacemaker; having dreams shattered, taking impulsive decision, feeling lonely and isolated; being propositioned at the Immigration Hall at Entebbe airport; being uprooted from countries without her agreement …and suddenly losing her father at 17…are just a few of the themes Diksha writes in her moving and beautifully written chapter no 25.