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How to negotiate Covid conflict…

How to negotiate Covid conflict…

Covid has caused a lot of anxiety, fear and trauma – negotiating these is proving challenging. One of our meditation group members confessed she was...

Chronic pain: Can it be avoided?

Chronic pain: Can it be avoided?

In a lot of cases, yes. There are caveats, of course.  Chronic pain associated with systemic illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and MS, needs to be...


The New Woman

An empowering anthology featuring 33 women from 5 continents sharing their phenomenal stories of transformation. The stories within this book illustrate how the women became broken and in their journey of repair, they have found golden threads that have made them whole again. As they transform, they are even more beautiful and have learned to know their value, just like the increased beauty and value of the Kintsugi bowls.

Featuring: Ritu Sharma, Illa Khagram, Tiffany Henkel, Andrea Malam, Hafiza Khatun, Jenni Harris, Azmina Jiwa, Donna Joseph, Mirabel Ngong, Maureen A Lewis, Nina N, Sangeeta Patel, Ruth Cyster-Stuettgen, Samantha Pearce, Poonam Karwal, Sonal Dave, Jaswinder Challi, Yvette Pearce, Sophie Kemoko, Suman Manghra, Saboohi Gill, Bal Heer, Jemma Rosenthal, Susanne Virtanen, Maxine Palmer-Hunter, Diksha Chakravarti, Delcie Hopley, Rajee S, Shazia Nawaz, Raj Rana, Sandhya, Jayasri Banala and Monika Bammi.

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