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What is chronic pain?

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. Most people get back to normal after pain following an injury or operation. But sometimes the pain carries on for longer or comes on without any history of an injury or operation.

There’s a lot you can do to help yourself and have a better life, even with chronic pain. Simple changes can often make a big difference to the amount of disability and suffering you can experience. This is called pain management.

To help manage your pain, you might consider:

Planning your day – Make a plan of things to do and places to be to help you keep on top of your pain.
Pacing yourself – Don’t push through the pain, stop before it gets worse, than go back to whatever you were doing later.
Learning to relax – Relaxing can be hard when you have pain, but finding something which relaxes you will reduce the stress of pain.
Taking regular enjoyable exercise – Even a small amount, will make you feel better and ease your pain. It will also keep your muscles and joints strong.
Talking to others – Tell your friends and family about chronic pain and why you need to do things differently at the moment.
Enjoyment – Doing things you enjoy boosts your own natural painkillers. Think about what you enjoyed before the pain and introduce it back into your routine

I will help you with

Back Pain

80% of the population will at some point in time experience back pain with varying causes and intensity. There are more muscles, joints, bones, nerves and ligaments running up and down the back than anywhere else in the body: it is a very complex and sophisticated system.


Headaches can be caused by many triggers, the most common ones being stress, poor posture, low water intake, excessive exercise, bad eye-sight, hormone imbalance (seen mainly in women). One has to be careful to rule out any insidious underlying factors such as undetected high blood pressure, tumours, thyroid malfunction to name just a few so if you have been getting headaches without any obvious reason, it is best to pay your doctor a visit to get it checked out.

Neck Pain

Stress, poor posture, excessive computer use (or other hand held tools) can all lead to neck pain. Why? The head is a heavy structure, weighing up to 5kgs (11lbs).  Carrying it constantly can tire the neck out, which then leads to tightness, pain and reduced range of movement. The body adapts as best it can but unless balance is restored it can lead to chronic pain, headaches, loss of strength in hands, breathing difficulties, tingling and insomnia.


Sciatica is a general term used to describe pain going down into the legs from the buttock. The most common cause is considered to be compression of the Sciatic nerve which is the largest nerve in the body, with roots in the lower back and which travels all the way to the foot, giving off many branches along the way to service the entire leg. You may have been told that you have a ‘slipped disc’ – this is not always the case and even if it is, you can still be helped.

Considering that the majority of people have poor posture, habits and footwear, some drive long distances/use computers extensively and unsafely, it is not surprising that the incidence of sciatica is so high.

Sciatica can be successfully treated with the correct, comprehensive and consistent approach.

Bruxism (Jaw Pain)

Bruxism is the involuntary unconscious grinding of teeth usually during sleep. However, similar effects can be seen during waking hours too.
A client recently walked in after a stressful day saying ‘I could have killed him’ through clenched jaws. She had spent the whole day, holding back her words through clenched teeth. This had led to pain in her jaw, tight neck and shoulder muscles and a headache – all signs of Bruxism.
So long as there aren’t any dental issues per se, Bruxism can be dealt. However, as it is a sign of Stress, the best treatment approach is an integrated one which takes into account the physical, emotional and mental triggers and effects.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

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