“I tried to find a good back pain practitioner for years and found it very hard since there aren’t many around. Diksha is one of them and she helped me with my lower back issues tremendously. I cannot praise her enough for the job she did in my case.”

NB: Pedrag is now based in Serbia but has maintenance treatments when he comes over to Bracknell to meet his team

Predrag Miletic- IT profesional

“I have suffered with back pain for several years and have used physio’s etc for treatment. I met Diksha at a networking event and I was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm and her ability to understand my problem. In the past 12 months, Diksha has carried out a workstation assessment at my office and changed several areas in my desk set-up. She also made some excellent recommendations which have helped massively. I also received a series of treatments with Diksha which really improved my condition. Since then my back has been great and I am currently enjoying a ‘pain free’ lifestyle. She really does work hard to understand the cause of the problem, which for me, makes her different to most. I would strongly recommend Diksha to anyone suffering pain or discomfort or to someone who has used physio’s etc but haven’t received the results that they wanted.”

Paul Macbeth- Insurance broker

“I have had various musculo-skeletal problems for many years and have seen osteopaths and chiropractors on a number of occasions, but the problems keep coming back. Diksha has managed to treat my problems and also give me some good exercises and stretches to help prevent their recurrence. Her advice on posture and balance is invaluable”  

Teresa Day- Dentist

“I went to visit Diksha in late 2008 with a debilitating back condition that had been with me for around 18 months. I found sitting extremely difficult and the whole right side of my lower body was constantly stiff. Prior to finding Diksha I’d seen a doctor, several physiotherapists and a chiropractor without any positive sign of improvement. After just 5 or 6 sessions with Diksha, coupled with a stretching program she devised for me, I would describe myself as 95% better. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone finding themselves in a similar position”

Peter Shepherd – Pilot

“I came to see Diksha after suffering with a bad back for 15 years.  Within 4 treatments she identified and successfully treated my problem and also clearly instructed me on stretches so that I can try to self manage in the future.  Her approach is friendly and open, even deep tissue massage seems enjoyable!  I have since returned to ask Diksha to help with a different issue so, would happily recommend her.

Louise Farrell FCIPD – HR professional

“After being involved in a bad car crash nearly four years ago I had got the end of my tether with treatment for my back. Having had osteopathy, remedial therapy, acupuncture and even facet joint injections they turned out to be short term fixes. After meeting Diksha I felt that I would try anything to get rid of the constant bad pain I was suffering on a daily basis. After just 2 sessions with Diksha’s gentle but effective touch I felt so much better. I didn’t have to take pain killers every day and I know that by just seeing Diksha occasionally that I can now cope. My back is the best it has been in 4 years!
Thank you Diksha for giving me my pain free life back!”  

Linda Gale – Business woman

Charlotte Williams Testimonial

“I first went to see Diksha after a recommendation from my mum, with the hope she could help me to be headache free by my wedding day.
I had been suffering with headaches for over 5 years. I had taken a lot of pain medication, seen a Neurologist and had a CT Scan; was put on anti-depressants and anti-epilepsy drugs which left me drowsy, exhausted and suffering with extreme, vivid nightmares. I tried other treatments including acupuncture and cranio-sacral work, which helped a little but nothing really impacted the headaches.
Including her hands-on and hypnotherapy treatments, Diksha gave me lots of small lifestyle changes, and as I started to make the changes she had recommended, I started to make improvements straight away.
The big break came when Diksha carried out a TMJ release, which is a release of the jaw. I grind my teeth at night, and clamp and clench my jaw when I am stressed, it sounded likely that I would hold a lot of stress here. The release was very painful, but had an instant impact. From there on in with my treatment with Diksha I made bigger improvements.
About 10 weeks before the wedding I decided to come off my medication. This was a slow process, but the headaches didn’t come back and the prevention/management plan that Diksha had put in place, worked. Finally, I came off all my medication 4 weeks before the wedding. I spent my wedding day and honeymoon headache free and have continued that way since. I now have the occasional mild headache and consider myself to be ‘human’ again.
There was a time I believed that I would be suffering with headaches forever – seeing Diksha has changed my life and I would recommend that anyone suffering from headaches should see her.”

Frankie Parker Testimonial

“For a long time I was getting these awful headaches/migraines. They would last from 1 day to 3 days, they would move about my head and sometimes make me sick. I kept having to have days off work as all I could do was go to bed. One day I had the mother of all migraines, it completely incapacitated me and reduced me to writhing around on the bed, unable to open my eyes, in tears screaming at my husband to close the blinds and begging him to take me to hospital. It was awful! I was 16 weeks pregnant. I thought how am I supposed to take care of a baby if I can’t get out of bed for three days? This had to stop.
We live in Ireland now but I am originally from Reading UK. One of my friends from Reading suffered from migraines / headaches too, for 5 months she literally couldn’t do anything they were so bad, she was taking strong medication for them and had brain scans and all sorts and nothing had helped until she started seeing Diksha. Diksha helped reduce and later eradicate her head aches. Diksha also treated my friend’s husband and mother with their head and back pain with success. With such great successes I rang Diksha and booked myself treatment.
She was amazing! She completely accommodated me as best she could, knowing that I was travelling from Ireland and having to spend money on flights etc. It seemed a little mental travelling so far but I had to do it. We agreed on 4 sessions to begin with.
Diksha was so very kind, lovely and warm, I trusted her completely the moment I met her. She asked me lots of questions about myself and about my headaches. We agreed that she would treat me with a combination of hands-on therapy and hypnosis and explained to me the benefits of each treatment – again, I totally trusted her.
I had never been under hypnosis before and didn’t really know what to expect, it wasn’t like Paul Mackenna, it was very relaxing and felt very safe. All my experiences through hypnosis relaxation with Diksha I remember very clearly. I had a very profound experience relating directly to my head aches during my second session and in the third session we dealt with my fear of becoming a mum; my childhood experiences came flooding back. I will never forget it. With Diksha’s help, I was able to clear these blockages.
The happy ending is that my head aches have subsided massively. I might get the odd one due to lack of hydration or menstruation but I can cope with those easily.
I can hand on heart conclude that my treatment with Diksha definitely eradicated my headaches, I haven’t had one now for over a year.
And if ever they made a return I would be back on a plane to England.
I suffered for so long…I’m so relieved that I found Diksha, someone who really really helped me – Thank you Diksha!

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